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Global hackathon
FEB 18-19th 2023
who is it for

We have different partners in the leading hospital cities (Barcelona, London and Toronto - see here), but there's a few open spots for anyone willing to join;


Therefore if you are passionate about healthcare, innovation or simply improving people's lives, this lab is for you: creatives, storytellers, educators, technologists, psychologists, etc!​ All welcome!


Also, we are open to people with all levels of experience, from students to professionals.

Selection criteria:

- Diversity

- Multidisciplinarity

- Commitment

- Motivation

- Level of detail of the application


1)  Read the challenges!

You will need to select your favourites when filling the application, so make sure that you read about the 2 different challenges and select the one that motivates you the most.

2)  Fill the form


Applications are individual, but if there's certain people you would like to be paired with, just let us know their names.

3)  Team formation


Once the application period is closed, we will revise all the applications and form the best teams to make sure you have similar interests and complementary skills. Join! 

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applications close in
Applications will be revised on a rolling basis,
make sure not to miss your spot!
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