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Street Art
Black and Yellow Typographic Art & Desig
5g transatlantic lab 2022
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artists needed

We believe that in order to change the world we need not only ideas, but also stories.

Stories that prepare society at large not to ASK for change, but to BE the change,

so we are ready to adopt new behaviours.

ARTISTS! We need you.
We want to team up with you to highlight the importance of investing in
new voices and new stories in such a challenging time where change is not a choice anymore.

We are looking for emerging artists that use their art to advocate for change and we want to feature it on our Social Media as part of our call for action to recruit participants so as to foster 

collective environmental ACTION


Collection "skinprints 2020" by meliss (they/she), a queer multi media artist and birth doula loosely based between brooklyn and paris. they are fascinated by unintentional readymades that are found at the intersection of our natural and human made spaces. you can find more of their work here IG @mielphette

What kind art are we looking for?

All disciplines are welcome to join and we are specially interested in emerging creators: photographers, poets, collage makers, digital artists, 3D designers, landscape artists, artisans, filmmakers, etc!... your artwork has the power to foster change, and we want to feature it and advocate for its importance!

All we care about is that your artworks screams:

"It is time to elevate environmental awareness... to ACTION!"

What will you do with my art?

All submitted artworks will become part of the 5G Transatlantic Lab virtual gallery. They will also exhibit physically (digital panel*) at the Mobile World Congress 2022 (Mobile World Capital stand, Barcelona)

Also, once a day, between January and February 2022, a submitted artwork will be shared through the @garage_stories IG account

Author rights:

We won't hold any rights to your artwork and no work will be shared without properly crediting the artist and tagging all of its social accounts (see example above)

asset 3.png

Help us spread the need for action, help society transition from environmental awareness to action.

You can also tag us on Instagram to help us spread the word with the following message:


"From awareness... to ACTION! 🌍
#5GTransatlanticLab2022 #HackthePlanet
Join @garage_stories ❤️‍🔥"

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