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open challenge: robots, ai & creativity
17&18 feb 2024
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HOW CAN WE LEVERAGE ROBOTS & AI TO expand humans creative potential?

Robots, AI & Creativity is the fourth edition of The Future Innovation Lab, whose goals is to generate use cases with emerging technologies to build a better future. This year's challenge is to explore how AI technology and robots can become our best allies to power the next generation of creatives by exploring the new possibilities that are being brought to the table.

IMPORTANT: unlike most of our programs, this time we are launching an open call for

IDEAS, although you can also apply as TALENT.


You can submit an idea individually or as a team. Teams need to be of 3 people; a creative (any background), a designer and a technologist, so if you apply as a team, make sure your team cover all the profiles. If you submit an idea as an individual and your idea is selected, will help you build a team.


If you do not have any idea but wish to participate, you will have the opportunity via a matchmaking process to join one of the selected ideas once they are announced February 12th. If you submit an idea and it is not selected, we will offer you the opportunity to participate of the match making as talent.

AI and Robots as partners, not threats ⚙️

They are not here to replace us, but to enhance our creative potential.

What outcomes are we looking for? 📲

We are looking for new ideas that help us leverage the potential of AI and robots that help us explore new creativity frontiers.

Who is it for? 👩🏾‍🎤👨‍🎤

Creatives from all disciplines and technologists but also designers, entrepreneurs, etc! between 18 to 35 years old based in Europe.

To learn more about the possibilities, attend the LIVE MASTERCLASSES that will take place between December 14th 2023 and February 1st 2024.

Applications are open now till February 4th 2024!

Open call for participants below 35 years old based in Europe.

do not think about what is possible

Think about everything that was impossible.... till now,

and make it happen



Open till February 4th 2024

During the open call, there will be weekly Masterclasses (Wednesday via Zoom 18h CET)

THEY ARE OPEN TO ANYONE AND FREE! Access full calendar here.

> January 11th: Web-based AI & Digital Humans

> January 18th: Robots & Cyborgs 
> January 25th: Creativity & AI
> February 1st: Design Futures


To submit your idea you need to fill the form below. You can submit your idea individually, or as a team of 3 people (remember that during the evaluation period we will take into account the team, so ideally a technologist, a creative and a designer or other).


If you submit your idea as an individual and it is selected, we will help you build a team around your idea. If it is not selected, we will offer you the opportunity to postulate to join another idea as TALENT.

Till February 4th ' 24

To submit the idea we need:

- Tagline

- Description

- A visual

Note: You don't need to use AI & Robots, just one form of Artificial Intelligence that makes more sense for your project.

or apply as



February 12th

Announce the 6 selected ideas

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February 17th & 18th_ Design Sprint Weekend (ONLINE)

Weekend to prototype and prepare the pitch of the 6 selected ideas.


February 19th

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design sprint

The winning team will be announced the same day.


March 18 - 24th 2024 the winning team will travel to Tromso (Norway) to prototype their project at TVIBIT facilities.

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About Tvibit (
Tvibit is a cultural and creative hub, production centre, competence centre, meeting place and café, all under one roof. It is a place to help people develop their creative talents and ideas, with particular focus on youth culture, music, film and media, creative businesses and creative application of technology. Tvibit is part of Tromsø municipality and is located in the city centre.

Facilities and milleau
Tvibit is offering the workspaces at their Media Lab/Makerspace which includes a powerful media workstation for rendering projects or laptops, high-speed broadband, 3D printers, mocap suits and VR headsets as well as conventional media equipment. The artists will also have access and work closely with Kreativ Teknologi staff members at Tvibit who can assist them during their residency.


The winning team will be invited to pitch on stage during the NewImages Festival’s Industry Days, which take place from Wednesday, April 24 to Friday, April 26 2024.

About NewImages Festival (
Since its creation in 2018, the NewImages Festival is structured around 3 main lines – gather, exchange and support all stakeholders of digital creation and virtual worlds – which have become constitutive of the festival’s DNA. In order to embody at best these values, the festival proposes every new edition to take on a challenge: offer for 5 days a programme representing the richness of the sector of digital and immersive creation, and all the mutations which it undergoes !
→ Each year, the first free days of the festival are specifically dedicated to professionals: the Industry Days offers an extensive programme of workshops, panel discussions and keynote presentations about digital and immersive creation and technologies, meanwhile the XR Market allows participants to meet and promote a wide diversity of projects - in development or completed.
→ During the entire festival, XR experiences selected through our XR Competition and XR Out-of-Competition open calls are showcased in the festival venue(s).

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