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Global hackathon
FEB 18-19th 2023
november'22 - january'23

Masterclasses will take place every two Tuesday via Zoom starting November 1st.


Masterclasses will be an hour each (45 minutes presentation + 15 minutes live Q&A).

18h CET / 17 BST / 12 EDT


They are open to anyone interested in learning more about the topic, you just need to RSVP.

They will also be recorded and made available via the site.

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NOVEMBER - inside the hospital
8th. Hospitals, Rooms
and User experience.

Roundtable with real patients and their families so as to explore their personal experiences at the hospital and better understand their pain points, wishes and needs.
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22nd. The Hospital Workflow
Roundtable with healthcare professionals from Toronto, London and Barcelona with different backgrounds to better understand their tasks, struggles and pain points.
december - spaces and people
7th. Space, Design & Storytelling
Masterclass with Suzy Genzler to understand the art of designing spaces to convey the desired feelings and emotions, and create a certain mindset for the user.
Entrepreneurs in the Healthtech space: Breakthroughs and Failures
Roundtable with entrepreneurs from the Healthtech space to share breakthroughs and failures.
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January - healthtech
10th. HealthTech: XR, AI, Blockchain, IOT
Masterclass with Rafael Grossmann to explore the different technologies that are having an impact in HealthTech and its potential applications looking towards the future.
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24th. Strategic foresight applied to healthcare
Masterclass with Galit Ariel to explore design an innovation from the future. How can we effectively contribute to build the futures we want to live in?
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semi finals
February 19th_ 19 CET/ 18 BST / 13 EDT
All teams will pitch their ideas. There will be 4 parallel juries for every challenge.
The best 8 ideas will make it to the final. Each team will have 5 minutes (+ jury questions).
February 21st_ 18 CET/ 17 BST / 12 EDT
The 8 finalists will pitch their ideas and the jury will select the winning one.
Each team will have 5 minutes (+ jury questions).
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ideation (online)
13-15th 2023

There will be 1 online methodology session with IDEO U experts previous to the Hackathon weekend for teams to start developing their ideas. Teams can work remotely via Zoom, Discord and MuralSessions are optional and they will be 90 minutes long. They will also be recorded.

Session I _ February 13th 18h CET / 17 BST / 12 EDT

Ideation I

Session II _ February 15th 18h CET / 17 BST / 12 EDT


18-19TH 2023

Teams will be given a weekend to work on their prototype and their pitch deck. There will a coworking facilities at each city for participants to work from.

DAY I_ February 18th

15 CET/ 14BST/ 9 EDT_ Prototyping Masterclass

17 CET/ 16BST/ 11 EDT_ Business Modelling Masterclass

DAY II _ February 19th

15 CET/ 14BST/ 9 EDT_ Communication Masterclass

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